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We are a holding company with interests in synergistic businesses in the ecosystem we are building.

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Solare Inc.

Corporate Governance, Advisory/Risk Management Services, Internal/Due Diligence, Business and Product Development, Start-up Assistance and Investment Capital.

We help businesses, executives and boards deal with and solve these problems

  • Advisory Services 
  • Compliance Items
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Product Development
  • Software Development & Predictive Analytics
  • Start-up Advisory & Incubation
  • Investment Capital 

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Our Companies Cont'd


Solare Trace Inc.

At our company, we are turning the digital item-level traceability dreams of the agricultural industry into reality.  

We are currently developing our next generation systems to deploy advanced item-level traceability in agriculture, with GPS tagged field and worker data linked to the G-Tins currently used in the industry. Our process will enable you to trace clam shells or other individual items to its source using existing protocols and equipment.

 We will be developing advanced functionality to release in future updates of the system.  Our anticipated areas of functionality includes payroll calculation for farm crews, API integration for GIS tools/services, and predictive analytics.  We will confirm advanced functionality once we have fully tested the features and they are ready for release.  

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Solare Capital LLC

We invest in exceptional people that own and operate inception and growth stage companies with the potential to scale and quickly become cash flow positive.  

We are focused on companies that have innovative solutions in agriculture technology as we are located in California.  We are also exploring Non-Plant Touching businesses in the California Cannabusiness and Hemp verticals as it is set to be the world's example of a legalized marketplace as well as the most productive agriculture state in the USA.

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Solare Ventures Inc.

Solare Ventures Inc. is an agribusiness company with proprietary technology and IP that is exploring the viability and dynamics of an ecosystem in the Industrial Hemp space under the 2018 US Farm Bill Sec 297a, and  California SB 1409 that addresses legal and regulatory requirements for compliant hemp industry operation in the USA.

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